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Purity Ring Fineshrine Lyrics Meaning

The album's lyrics, written by James, deal with themes of self-empowerment, and the album is imagined as being an "intensely personal" and strange narrative about strong, young aspiring female witches who experience and interact in a place without any males as they improve, grow and protect themselves.[6] James' lyrics have been described as "gory", "striking" and "fantastical", drawing comparisons to the Brothers Grimm.[6][18][19] The song's titles use portmanteaus of English words,[10] while the album's title comes from the line "Build it into pinnacles and shrines of some / Some ghastly predicament of mind you'll find", from the track "Obedear".[6]

Purity Ring Fineshrine Lyrics Meaning

Shrines received generally favorable reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 76, based on 37 reviews.[41] Leor Galil of The A.V. Club praised the album as a "knockout", categorizing the group as an outsider of other gory-lyric'd groups thanks to its non-violent themes and honoring them for being able to combine these graphic lyrics with danceable beats.[18] Hayley Avon of NME wrote that Shrines "could just as easily remain in its closed-circle clique" while being accessible to mainstream listeners, noting that the "music is so slick it sometimes stinks of cash, yet the songs are charming, scuffed at the edges, the childlike melodies accentuated when Megan's voice takes on its youthful tone", concluding with calling the record a "euphoric treat in its own right, made all the more thrilling by its heady potential."[43] 041b061a72


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