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Anatoly Karpov - Find The Right Plan.pdf

143 The most important law of chess The bishop hunt 41 Ah8 d4+ 42 f1 The bishop is a lively, longrange piece. Nevertheless. it also often finds itself in critical situations. Black resigned. Fuster - Pogacs Budapest Ruy Lopez Anand - Shirov Groningen, e4 e5 2 tij 3 tijc6 3.i.b5 a6 -I.ta4 tij b5 6.tb3.tc5 7 a4 :b8 8 c3 d6 9 d4.tb6 10 tija ab ab 12 tijxb5.tg4 13.te3 ed 14 cd 1i'e81S h3 d716 tijc3.!bxe4 17 Ae1 tijxc3 18 bc 1i'c819 c4 5 20 Ae2 lbas 21 a2 cs 22 ds d8 23.td2 1i'a6 24 1i'a4 Aa8 25 c3.!!:lb7 26 1i'd1.ta5 27 b2 b4 28 tijh4.i.g6 29 f4! 1i'a4 30 1i'xa4 :xa Afa8 32 Ae7 h5 33 g4 An exceedingly elegant enclosure for the bishop gh Axa2 35 Axa2 Axa2 36 h6! Axb2 37 Ag7+ h8 38 Axb7 i.c3 39 Ad7 g8 40 Ad8 7 The final position. White resigned and was right to do so. On the retreat 37 Addl the move Aa8-a4 is played. and 38 Adc1 allows d4. and on 38 Abcl follows Ab4 with the subsequent Af8-a8-a4. These kinds of cases arise. in the first place, from an innate deficiency in the chess bishop - its adherence to one colour - and, in the second place. from the standard methods of developing it in the opening. against which typical methods of fighting have been determined. The order of events is as follows: if luck is on your side and you've managed to exclude the bishop on one side. play immediately transfers to another part of the board. The 141

Anatoly Karpov - Find The Right Plan.pdf

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167 The most IInportant law of chess 48 xa4 c3! 49 :d7 e3 50 f7 e i.b2? 51 f8'iv el'iv 52 'ivg7+. It's obvious that the preliminary After 52 'ivxc5? 'ivdl+ he can f5 beat off the threats. also lose. 24liJd6! c2 53 'ivg2+ d2 54 'ivg6+ b2 55 'ivg7+ a2 56 'ivg2 'ivdl+ Black resigned. The rook can 57! 58 :xd2+! b3+ still protect itself from the knight :a2 'ivxa2+, and draw. ed, but how then to save itself from the pawn? The following example will help us switch to stories about a knight that turns out to be stronger than a rook. Savon - Alburt Kiev, 1978 Peresypkin - Chekhov Minsk,1976 White only has a pawn for the exchange, but the position of the b6 knight is so good that he finds an elegant path to a win. Both players' opportunities are about equal. In order to create a target for his opponent's activity in this completely harmless position, White played 23a3! The reaction was natural and mistaken. 32.i.xe6 The right recipe remains the same: you have to exchange off the 'extra' pieces xe6 33 b4 a5 Otherwise White plays 34 a4, shutting in the rook for good. 34 b5 a4 35 a3 h6 36 h4 :a5 165

231 The most Important law of chess 45 b3 Forced. On a rook retreat there's lift, and 45 h3 loses because of lid liel! 46 lie3 There's a nice finale in the event of 46 h3 ligl + 47 h4 :tg4 mate. 46. lifl White resigned. Awaiting him is 47"'e2 "'gl+ 48 h3 :te1! Such subtle games aren't unusual in Capablanca's work. Queen's GambIt Capablanca - Treybal Carlsbad, d4 d5 2 c4 c6 3 t.t:jf3 e6 4 i.g5 i.e7 5 i.xe7 "xe7 6 t.t:jbd2 fs 7 e3 ll)d78 i.d3 t.t:jh6?! "c :tab 1 tof6 12 toe5 t.t:jf7 13 f4 i.d7 14 t.t:jdf3 lifd8 15 b4 i.e8 16 IIfel a6 17 "'f2 toxes 18 t.t:jxes ll)d 7 19 t.t:jf3! lidc8 20 c5 Capablanca's strategic plan was revealed on the fifth move. After exchanging off Black's darksquared bishop, without getting distracted he then logically proceeded to blockade the other one. Treybal didn't find an active counter-plan (8... toh6?! - more forthright is 8... t.t:jf6 and then t.t:jf6-e4), and his pieces became more and more cramped. The retreat 19 t.t:jf3 was beautiful. The Cuban player's finely-tuned intuition assigned to this knight the role of principal reserve, who will strike the final winning blow at the end of the game tof6 21 a4 t.t:jg4 22 "'el t.t:jh6 23 h3 t.t:jf7 24 g4! i.d7 25 lic2 h g2 lig8 27 gs "'d8 28 h4 g7 29 h5 The game now goes on for about another 30 moves, but we have to suppose that Black's position is already lost lih8 30 lih2 "'c7 31 "'c3 "d8 32 f2 "c7 33 :tbhl :tag8 34 "'al lib8 35 "'a3 libg8 36 bs ab In the event of "'a5 37 b6! the queen falls into an amusing trap that is pleasantly suited to our theme. White prepares the manoeuvre ll)f3-d2-b3 without interference. 37 h6+ f8 38 ab e7 39 b61wb8 229


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