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Note 8 Where To Buy

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note 8 where to buy

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is one seriously impressive smartphone. Crammed with up-to-date internals, including Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor (or Samsung's own Exynos 8895 if you aren't Stateside), complete with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. It also features Samsung's biggest display yet: with its gorgeous Super AMOLED QHD+ display reaching a total of 6.3in corner to corner. Not only that, but the Note 8 also packs Samsung's first stab at dual-cameras, with a 12-megapixel f/1.7 wide-angle camera working in tandem with a 12-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto snapper on the back. To top it all off, you get Samsung's excellent S-Pen too, for note-taking and stick-man drawing.

The last big one-up is less obvious, but one you'll likely be taking full advantage of if you take the leap. Samsung's excellent S Pen stylus - the pointing stick that gives the Note its name - can now be used to jot quick notes on the screen while it's off, for on the fly note-taking. Among other things, handwriting and doodles can also be converted to GIFs and emoji should you so desire, and you can now hover the S Pen over any text or sentence to translate it, or use it for currency conversions. Perfect if you're the regular traveller.

Reaching 16hrs 25mins in our continuous video-playback test with the screen set to our standard 170cd/m2 brightness is pretty typical of Samsung. In a world where the Galaxy S8 Plus reached well over 20 hours, this is a bit of a shame mind you. Obviously, Samsung could be playing safe with their battery - after all, the Note 7 hit a ludicrous 22 hours in our original testing, and you know what happened there. Regardless, you'll be able to squeeze out more than enough juice on a single charge during a heavy day's use.

Goodness of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 is sensitive S-Pen to write almost anything inside this phablet note. The S-Pen located at the bottom of the body. There are several applications inside SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 which can do some job with this S-Pen such as taking writing note, photo editor and some other more.

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The Note 8 improves on the core device specifications and hallmark S Pen features of earlier devices. While retaining the same overall look and approximate size of the Galaxy S8+, it features an upgraded processor and, for the first time in Samsung's smartphone history, a dual-camera system on the rear of the device; one functions as a wide-angle lens and the other as a telephoto lens, with both featuring 12 MP resolution and optical image stabilization. The S Pen has increased pressure sensitivity levels and its software has been upgraded to offer improved note taking capabilities on the always-on display, as well as animated GIF and improved translation features.

The Note 8 comes bundled with high-end AKG-tuned earbuds[13] as well as the Note series' proprietary S Pen. Compared to the Note 5, the S Pen in the Note 8 has enhanced levels of pressure sensitivity (4,096 distinct levels of pressure),[8] though The Verge noted that those enhancements were featured in the defunct Note 7.[5] Ports include a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB-C port for charging and data transfer.[5] It has support for Samsung DeX as well, letting Note 8 users connect their device to a dock and monitor to enable a PC-like computing environment with mouse and keyboard input.[5]

The Note 8 came with Android 7.1.1 "Nougat" with Samsung's own custom user interface pre-installed.[5][8] The S Pen offers expanded software features, including "Live Message" for the creation of handwritten notes combined with emojis resulting in short animated GIFs. Users can remove the S Pen from the device and immediately write notes on the display through "Screen Off Memo," which works due to the screen's always-on capabilities. The screen can collect up to 100 notes and allows the user to easily go back to notes pinned directly on the always-on screen. A "Translate" feature now recognizes punctuation marks, letting users highlight entire sentences rather than single words, and supports 71 different languages.[15][5] The edges of the screen on the Note 8 allow the user to open two apps at once in a multi-window view, dubbed "App Pair."[15] In the Camera application, a new "Live Focus" effect lets users adjust the intensity of background blur both before and after capturing photos, while "Dual Capture" makes both rear cameras take individual photos of the same subject, with one acting as a close-up shot and the other from a distance capturing the whole scene.[15]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 received an Android 8.0 "Oreo" update on March 30, 2018 with Samsung's custom skin overlaid.[16][17] The software update brought enhancements and changes in the user interface with the menu options in the home screen and settings streamlined. The Edge lighting has also been improved with introductions to new lighting options.[18] The Oreo update also brought enhanced stability to the Samsung DEX (UI/UE) docking system as well as introduced improvements to the DEX interface, where the Apps screen displays in full screen instead of in a pop-up window.[19] An update to Android 9 Pie was released on 26 February 2019.[20]

Camera testing company DxOMark gave the Note 8 a rating of 94, the joint-highest score of any phone, shared with the iPhone 8 Plus.[21][22] Just a few days after the report of the Note 8 published was, the Pixel 2 tested was and given a 98 score, besting them both.[23][24] It was noted that the Note 8 had better optical image stabilization than the IPhone X.[25]

I have a c to c power brick and cable with pd I used to charge my nexus 6p. It says fast charging when I connect it to my note8 but is it safe to charge the note with this on a regular basis? I have a total of 3 of this set up, one at home, work, and travel bag, since this c to c with power delivery was the only safe way to fast charge the 6p, from what I understood. I hate to have to replace them with quick charge a to c if its not necessary.

The new device will allow for app pairing, where users will be able to open two apps at the same time, as well as something called Live Message that will turn drawings into GIFs. There will also be Screen Off Memo and a Translate feature that will translate sentences with a hover.

The inbuilt Samsung notes prove to be a great app for doodling and sketching with loads of features to play around with. You also have the Secure Folder to secretly lock all of your important data from outside world. And the S Health app is something I look for in every device. I simply love this app. Not to forget we also get the edge panels with your quick contacts, apps, and tools which I found myself using the least. But the tragedy of app fragmentation still prevails, it has two apps for few things like two app stores, two browser apps and two email apps.

Outward impressions aside, Samsung has made sure the stylus is actually useful: from taking notes on the lock screen to instantly translating text you come across in your apps, it really can come in handy (and means the screen doesn't get covered in fingerprints).

The 6.3-inch, 2960 x 1440 pixel, 18.5:9 display really does stand out from the crowd, in everything from sharpness to colour vibrancy, and as we noted in our review, it looks fantastic no matter what you're doing. It can be easily tweaked and customised as well.

The Redmi Note 8 Pro we reviewed earlier packs in a 64 MP rear camera while the Note 8 packs in a 48 MP one. Do note that last year's Note 7 Pro offered a 48 MP camera while the Note 7 came with a 12 MP one. The Note 8 is already a significant upgrade. 041b061a72


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