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Where To Buy Jamon Iberico In Chicago

This is meat that comes from the front legs of the pig, as opposed to the rear legs, which is where the jamón iberico comes from. Its flavor is more intense than typical jamón, due to the bones and muscles being thinner, which allows it to be cured for less time.

where to buy jamon iberico in chicago

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We will be visiting Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Ronda and Cordoba. Where would be the best place to eat jamon iberico? Is this the kind of thing that we can buy in advance and make our own sandwiches? Or how is it done? Only at restaurants/tapas bar? Thanks!

You can certainly easily buy it in food markets, where there will often be one or more ham stalls, or in specialist jamon butchers or, in most of the towns you name, I expect, tourist shops will also have some pre-packed offerings. However, once you see the price, at least of the top grade "black label" version, you may think twice about simply putting it in a sandwich - that would disguise the flavour anyway. Personally I can't really tell the difference between the grades, but I'm no an aficionado.

Also it will be on the menu in restaurants, but don't expect the highest quality labels to be served in the free tapa. If a place is serving jamon iberico it will make a point of telling you, and the grade (there are four, I think). If they don't mention "iberico", then it isn't, but just "bog standard" normal ham.

I remember having it at an authentic tapas bar where no one spoke English and could not tell the difference compared to the less expensive stuff. I remember seeing meat shops/carnecerias (there is a chain called Museo de jamon) selling it everywhere

Forget all you've seen about raising pigs until now.... raising pigs for top quality ham is very expensive as it requires many hectares of a land full of oaks producing high-grade quality acorns. The best ham comes from pigs raised in the open and which had fed exclusively from acorns and grass and this growing procedure requires an important investment in time and money. The end result is a marbled oily well-cured meat which melts in contact with your tongue. In the link in my first post, there's an introduction to the different types and qualities of ham (serrano vs iberico, the different parts of the animal where the ham may come from, etc).

Just to be clear, jamon iberico is a very specific type of jamon and can be quite expensive. You'll easily find vendors in markets selling it and I do recommend trying some. The price per kilo is very high, but a slice weighs little so your cost is still reasonable for most iberico varieties. But other very affordable jamons are sold all over. You can readily find shops or street vendors selling jamon sandwiches, which use cheaper varieties but are still delicious. Tapas will use more standard jamon unless specifically noted (and priced).

The only thing better than stellar Spanish tapas are when those tapas are paired with top-notch sangria. Both the red or white sangria have just enough sweetness that you'll be guzzling down glass after glass (or pitcher after pitcher). Drink your sangria while chowing down on both cold tapas -- such as jamon iberico with manchego cheese -- as well as hot tapas, including a number of grilled seafoods. Unlike many other Spanish tapas restaurants, Cafe Iberico also features an entree menu packed with more delicious eats.

Re: Cinco Jotas jamon iberico de bellota I just want to thank all of you at Hamlovers for the gift you have helped me give to my partner this Christmas. I have truly never enjoyed seeing someone open a present as much in my life! He was so surprised and absolutely delighted! Thank you very much and a very merry Christmas to you.

Re: Cinco Jotas jamon iberico de bellota Spent ages online trying to find a website with a lot of choice for Spanish ham, then I came across your website and now I recommend you to all my friends.

Re: Cinco Jotas jamon iberico de bellota The [5J] Bellota Ham is for me the highlight: great taste and texture, with the same great taste even when getting close to the bone. I really like good food and good products, so when I'm a regular customer it's generally a good sign.

Re: Cinco Jotas jamon iberico de bellota I am 67 years old, I have been eating Spanish jamon for as long as I can remember and my son told me about your web page. He and I together have tried a few shops on and off the web with varying results. I think I can honestly say that the jamon lovers jamon has been the best we have tried. The quality is superior to anything we can buy in London. Thank you again. We will be back.

Re: Cinco Jotas jamon iberico de bellota This is good meat, really good meat (you of course know this). At a small gathering last evening with my friend and several couples, all tolled 9 hungry folks, we managed to get through maybe 1/4 of this big leg. I guess I've gotta have a couple more gatherings. Which gives me at least several more opportunities to perfect my super-thin slicing technique...

Re: Jamon iberico de bellota by FerminI received this jamon as a 40th anniversary gift. Quite a surprise. Rather than try cutting it at the party I elected to wait and watch the video first. Half a jamon later I am beginning to appreciate this subtle art. The jamon is exquisite. I wish you success in your endeavor.

Re: Jamon iberico by FerminThe jamon was a hit at my brother's wedding. Kudos for you guys for the whole experience. I will recommend to my network. The only question I have is when will you ship to Canada? I had to have the jamon delivered to a friend's in Bellingjamon. Not fair!

Re: Boneless jamon iberico by FerminThe care and attention of these producers is something really interesting to me. Most pork farmers, it seems, still care more about quantity than quality so it's nice to know that some people still care about the other sides of business like honesty and integrity.

Re: Jamon iberico by FerminExactly as I had hoped. The jamon was out of this world, very much as you described it. The dvd was quite helpful as well- after a bit of practice I had friends over and they were impressed with my expertise. I'll definitely be back.

Re: Sliced Fermin jamon iberico - quarter poundProduct was well packed and arrived in good time. The recipient of the jamon has yet to start it but I took the two packets of sliced jamon and it was very nice.Many thanks and I will definitely be using you again in the future.

Re: Jamon iberico de bellota by FerminI have passed around some of this gorgeous jamon to my friends at the track and the response has been very positive. I am certain we will be making another group order next week.

Re: Jamon iberico by FerminHi, we wanted to say that the leg of jamon we boughtfrom you was as you say the best we have ever tasted! The whole family love it and we will definitely be getting another when this is finished. We loved the holder and knife as well.

This jamon is quite expensive compared with some other jamones on this website and others but it was FANTASTIC! Of course we have eaten the basic normal jamon serrano jamon many times when visiting Spain. But this jamon was like nothing I have ever had before, not in Spain, not anywhere. What an incredible, wonderful taste, what a sensation to eat this delicacy.

Re: Jamon iberico de bellota by FerminI am 67 years old, I have been eating Spanish jamon for as long as I can remember and my son told me about your web page. He and I together have tried a few shops on and off the web with varying results. I think I can honestly say that the jamon lovers jamon has been the best we have tried. The quality is superior to anything we can buy in London. Thank you again. We will be back.

Re: Boneless paleta iberica de bellota by FerminI must say the paleta we bought from hamlovers was far superior to other Spanish jamones we have tried here in Reading. The local shops here seem to think that any old serrano will do, perhaps that's true for some customers but it is wonderful at last to find a place where we can buy the real thing.

Re: Jamon iberico by Fermin Ayer recibi mi jamon iberico Fermin.Procedi a cortarlo tal como lo indica el DVD instructivo.Excelente calidad y sabor !! mi esposa y yo quedamos encantados, dehecho invitamos a unos amigos para disfrutarlo con nosotros este finde semana y antes de que nos lo comamos todo.Ademas muy conveniente y acertado que se incluyera el jamonero y elcuchillo, eso hace mucho mas facil las cosas.

Re: Boneless jamon iberico by FerminPaleta Bellota skinken fra var et fantastisk velsmagende midtpunkt på buffet'en ved min 50-års fødselsdag. Servicen fra Josh var fantastisk og skinken blev leveret indenfor 24-timer - med holder, kniv og instruktions-DVD, der gjorde det let for en nybegynder at bevæge sig ind i verdenen Jamón ibérico - Iberisk skinke. 041b061a72


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