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With the advent of streaming in the last decade, the deep Star Trek library is among the most in-demand collection of properties for sci-fi fans looking to stream their favorite show or movie. First championed by Paramount, Star Trek series and films look poised to end up gathered on the company's latest online outlet Paramount+. Before this, however, individual properties found homes on a variety of services, some of which still live there today. Whether it's the original Shatner-led show or the latest Pine-led movie, here's a handy guide to the Star Trek streaming landscape as it currently stands, and predictions for the future of the IP.

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If you want to buy a new vehicle, you still have to schlep to a dealer, negotiate a price and sign a stack of documents before you drive away. With the notable exception of upstart Tesla Motors, which offers a completely online process, shoppers can start the buying process online, but ultimately they have to visit a dealership to close the purchase.

Though some consumers clamor for an entirely online experience, the traditional trek to a dealership is still the easiest route. A substantial portion of car buyers rely heavily on the services dealers provide, such as accepting trade-ins, arranging financing and having a selection of vehicles in stock they can see and test drive.

Tesla allows shoppers to build a vehicle with features they choose and place an order online and pick it up at a delivery center or have it delivered. Buyers also can purchase a vehicle out of inventory online or through a company-owned store. A brand called Lynk & Co that intends to launch in the U.S. in 2019 plans a similar approach of selling directly to consumers online and through company-owned stores.

For some time, the post office has sold stamps via the Web. And most, if not all, overnight-delivery services let you order and pay for shipping over the Internet. But to mail a plain old package, you still had to make that trek. uses a special piece of hardware called a dongle to store your postage. This means you can print stamps without being online. But you must bring the dongle to any location from which you wish to print.

Some feedback: In reply to our Nov. 15 column on online toy shopping, Fred Klaucke, CEO of World of Science Inc., points out that the prices we paid for a chocolate kit in a local store and online should have been the same, according to company policy. He adds that there are no shipping charges on purchases of $50 or more on their site, less than what their average customer spends. Online purchases also avoid sales tax. 041b061a72


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