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Buy Jim Beam Smart Decanter

I am not sure if what I am about to tell you about is an actual product or a hoax. However if it is real, Jim Beam is really onto something. On the Jim Beam Website they have introduced the worlds first smart decanter. Like your Amazon Alexa, you just shout the command and it makes it happen however the only command you need for it to follow is poor you a shot. The promotional video for it on the Jim Beam Website will make you want this. Click here for more.

buy jim beam smart decanter


For spirits aficionados looking to get their hands on the $35 bar gadget, there's an unfortunate hitch: it sold out within two hours of its Nov. 30 release. For those lucky few that managed to snag one, the second hitch is that its 3G voice capabilities will expire after six months, according to the company's website. After that point, bourbon fans can still use it as a regular low-tech decanter.

Both the decanter and faux Apple Watch are clearly gimmicky, but they serve as a fun way to keep the bourbon brand top-of-mind and put their own spin on the idea of mobile. Jim Beam is poking fun at tech companies eager to ride the recent wave of the Internet of Things, which is quickly picking up traction with consumers. The number of Americans who use a voice-activated device at least once a month will more than double this year to 35.6 million, according to eMarketer.

'Twuz den I went an' git de rest o' de money deCap'n gi' me dat night fum onder de j'ice (I had donespend right smart chance on it gittin' things, meckin'b'lieve I meck it on de farm), an' I put it in meh ole hat'an' cyar it to Meh Lady, 'cause it sort o' hersanyways; an' her face sort o' light up when she see degold shinin', 'cause she sut'n'y had usefor it, an' she ax me whar I git so much money, an Itell her somebody gi' 't to me, an' she say what Igwine do wid it. An' I tell her it hern, an' she say how,an' I tell her I owe it to her for rent, an' she bu'st outcryin' so she skeer me. She say she owe us ev'ythingin de wull, an' she know we jes' stayin' wid 'em 'causedee helpless, an' sich things, an' she cry so I upped an'tole her how I come by de money, an' she stop an'listen good. Den she say she cyarn' tech a cent o' datmoney, an' she oodn', mon, tell I tell her I wan' buy demule; an' she say she consider him mine now, an' ef heain' she gi' 't to me, an' I say, nor, I wan' buy him. Denshe say how much he wuth, an' I say a hunderddollars, but I ain' got dat much right now, I kin owe herde res'; an' she breck out laughin', like when she wuz alittle girl an' would begin to laugh ef you please her,wid de tears on her face an' dress, sort o' April-like.Hit gratify me so, I keep on at it, but she say she'll tecktwenty dollars for de mule an' no mo', an' I say I ain'gwine disqualify dat mule wid no sich price; denpres'n'y we 'gree on forty dollars, an' I pay it to her, an'she sont me up to Richmon' next day to git things forMistis, an' she al'ays meck it a p'int after dat to feedGeorge a little some'n' ev'y day.

He called for some toasted cheese, and Henry, the waiter, brought himthe usual little flat tinful of the delicacy. Immediately on its beingset before him, he sprang to his feet, so that his shaggy head almosttouched the beams above, and, stretching out a great arm, grasped theastonished Henry by the coat collar, lifting him off his feet, untilthe little man's startled face was on a level with his own. He held himridiculously suspended there, shaking the forefinger of his other handat him, whilst he admonished him.

In the hulks we were confined in narrow cells, scarcely seven feetlong, by three wide. Stout oaken partitions separated us from oneanother, and we lay outwards from each side of the ship. It wasalways dark down there, and cold and damp. Fortunately for us, ourgood conduct obtained us lodging above the water line, and we had theadvantage of tiny scuttles in the side, which might remain open ifthe weather was favourable. What must have been the condition of theunhappy wretches on the deck below, I shudder to think. They would liein almost total darkness; the only light that pierced their gloomyprison coming from a horn lantern that hung from a beam 'tween decks.Once in the twenty-four hours we were taken on to the upper deck fora breathing space of an hour only. We then followed one another in aweary procession, round and round, between poop and foc'sle. The highbulwarks prevented us from seeing anything of the shores of the river.These outings, from the section of cells in which we were confined,always took place about midday.

I looked up, and in the dim light of the lantern hanging from the beamin the middle of the hospital, inspected at close quarters the figureof the exquisitely attired gentleman whom we beheld daily on the poopfrom behind our prison barricade.

"Faith, then, that's true enough, y'r Excellency. It made a big holein me bank balance, so it did. But 'twas worth it. Ye've no notionwhat a comfort it is to a man to go to his bed, an' find it free fromserpents. 'Tis that, indeed. But will ye not take a walk round thefar-rum? Mr. Nutting, if ye've had enough exercise, don't trouble tocome with us. Take your aise in the house. Ye know where to find thedecanter, and there are cigars in the sideboard." 041b061a72


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